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Is my Medical Spa Treatments Safe?

Posted by Blog on 23 Nov

medical-spa-safety1. Make Sure A Doctor Is Always Present During Medical Spa Procedures

The treatments performed at a medical spa are only as safe as the people performing the treatments are trained to be.

That is a pretty good rule of thumb. When choosing a medical spa, it is always a good idea to know whether a physician or a nurse runs the spa. It is always best to seek a medical spa that is run by a physician, because they are a valuable resource to the esthetician.

2. Notice The Types Of Treatments That Are Offered At Your Medical Spa

The types of treatments that should be offered at your medical spa should be either non-invasive or minimally invasive.

Non-invasive treatments include anything that doesn’t involve penetrating the skin. The basic idea is that there is no needle or scalpel involved, so this could be anything from massage to microdermabrasion.

As explained in the video below, minimally invasive treatments usually involve a laser or a needle. This could be anything from laser acne treatments to botox.

3. Before Booking A Treatment, Look For These Key Signs Of Medical Spa Safety Medical Spa Safety

Make sure that the medical spa is neat and clean

This one is easy. Because a medical spa is a cross between a doctor’s office and a spa, you should feel relaxed and safe when getting your treatments. After all, you deserve it!

Make sure that the esthetician is certified in laser

A lot of estheticians perform laser treatments, but are not properly certified. If you are going to have a laser procedure, going to an esthetician with proper certification is vital to your safety.

Look or ask for evidence of credentials

When you go in for your consultation, don’t be bashful. It is your body and your right! Don’t make assumptions that just because it’s a medical spa, that the managing physician has any credentials to run the spa. Ask about training in the area and how long the doctor has been doing this type of work. That is what makes your treatments safe.

Goldberg Medical Spa

Goldberg Medical Spa is run by MD. Dr. Goldberg has credentials in cosmetic medicine and is willing to share them with you. Most are posted on the walls of her medical spa and in the clinic.

So if you’re in the Toronto, GTA area, you can visit Goldberg Medical Spa with confidence that your treatment will be in safe, caring hands.

Call Goldberg Medical Spa today at 416-754-9444 to schedule your free consultation.

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